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Service & Preventative Maintenance
Our Technical Service Division provides a 24/7 breakdown repair, replacement and retrofit service. We also offer a complete range of preventative maintenance programs designed to ensure the integrity and effieciency of your BMS systems. We work seamlessly with our Construction and Controls Division as well as clients and building managers to provide ongoing support and maintenance services.
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''Inscope's Preventative Maintanence helps avoid costly outages"

Preventative Maintanence

The role of our Preventative Maintenance is to reduce the frequency of equipment breakdowns and increase the useful life of building assets. In this way a comfortable and safe environment can be provided for tenants whilst building managers and owners enjoy the benefits of cost savings through better energy management and extended asset life.


Our Preventative Maintenance Program is an important service with many proven benefits to our customers, namely:

  • Assists to reduce the number of corrective maintenance calls;

  • Reduce tenant complaints;

  • Extends usable life of the system; 

  • Cost savings through better energy management


No Preventative Maintanence Package with Inscopebt yet? No worries! Our skilled team of service technicians are on hand 24/7 to get you back up and running when systems fail, our areas of expertise are;

  • Building Management Systems;

  • HVAC controls;

  • CO calibrations;

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Energy monitoring & logging;

  • Energy audits;